EverFi CEO Tom Davidson Featured on Bloomberg TV

On Wednesday, April 8, EverFi CEO Tom Davidson served as a guest host on Bloomberg’s Surveillance television program.   In the midst of Financial Literacy Month, you bet we were excited to have Tom talking about the importance of financial education and empowerment. A key point that Tom brought up was that engaging students early […]

Dispelling Myths About Teens and Money [Infographic]

The research is clear. Teenagers in the U.S. consistently demonstrate difficulty with successfully negotiating their finances and planning for future economic goals. However, the current investigation revealed that youth acknowledge the critical role that their parents and other adults play in mitigating some of this difficulty. Our research also found that many commonly held negative beliefs […]

Making Sense of Money on College Campuses

Helping dollars make sense on a college campus isn’t easy, but it is vitally important. For staff at Louisiana State University in the Student Financial Management Center, we want students to not only be retained and to graduate, but we want to help equip them with the tools they need to be successful in the “real world” and we […]

Financial Literacy Month – Shout it from the Mountaintop!

Here at EverFi, we wish Financial Literacy Month were year-round. With EverFi team members working day-in and day-out with students and families across the country, we see the lasting consequence that can result from limited financial knowledge. In a survey conducted with over 20,000 high schoolers, 60% reported that they were worried about money…this is in high school. The stress […]

Education – A Financial Necessity

I’d like to think that some form of financial literacy has always been a staple subject taught in the modern American school. However, with the growing epidemic of recent college graduates entering the workforce with unprecedented levels of debt, it’s apparent they are not getting all the necessary financial preparation. Financial know-how is key in helping students weigh […]

Ask A Banker: The Value of Financial Education

While still in high school, I started my banking career more than 12 years ago as a part-time teller. I had a checking account since I was 14, balanced it regularly, so I naturally assumed I would be a pro at banking… Boy, was I wrong! I remember being overwhelmed with the dynamics of the […]

Preparing for the Test…of Life

I’ve been teaching for quite some time and when I’m often asked what I teach. The exchange always goes something like this: “What subject do you teach?” “I teach financial literacy” Immediately followed by, “What’s that?”. I have few versions of the response, “Well, it’s how to take care of your money, like understanding banking, credit cards, renting apartments, getting […]

The Most Important College Freshman Class Isn’t Being Taught…Yet

In the first month of my freshman year of college, I had three main questions driving my life: What are my plans for the weekend? Are my roommates crazy? How am I going to decide what to major in? Fast forward four years, and I have a diploma in hand grappling with an entirely different […]

Get Certified and Get Blogging

April is Financial Literacy Month and we here at EverFi are incredibly excited about what’s going to be one of the busiest months we’ve ever had.  We’re working through final planning for a national roadshow that features over 50 events at schools in 20 states.   In collaboration with our sponsors, we’ll be helping schools kick […]